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How SREs Solve Problems at Home (Making my Dumb Fridge Smart)

This is a story partially about laziness but the weird kind of laziness where, instead of doing the thing, you decide to do something completely different and more convoluted that ends up taking way more time because you can’t be bothered to do the thing.

Project 2: Floatplane Club

The Floatplane Club was a project I started with Catboiler (AJ) for Linus Media Group to restore the services provided by Vessel in a completely new form for their own users.

Project 1: Package Notipi

Package Notipi is a neat bit of software/hardware I built to alert me when a new package arrives for me at my dorm. The school provides a need system (called "Housenet") that alerts students via email when a package arrives for them. The student then travels to the front desk of their dorm and signs the package out, verifying that they've received it.


An old introduction to my blog from back when I started it, saved for posterity, sorry...